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“These bath salts are amazing! I was using Kimberly’s Abundance Bath Salts to increase my abundance. And, shortly thereafter, I won $5,000 in the Lotto!! Truly, it is an absolute work of magic how well these work.”  

Amanda, Florida

“Love the Healing Bath Salts! Helps ease the inflammation in my leg. I recommend them to people with OA or injuries.” 

Patrick, Pennsylvania

“I would highly recommend Kimberly’s Abundance Bath Salt. I used it, and two days later I received an unexpected refund the IRS. It really works!!! You won’t be disappointed. It’s time for me to get more.” 

Tina, Florida

“Thank you. Kimberly Alahverde Manners, for allowing me to post. Kimberly gave me a wonderful reading. Things she said touched my heart and gave me a lot of comfort, happiness,and even some closure I needed. I would highly recommend her and look forward to having readings again with her - She is a gift and has a gift, what a beautiful soul!” 

Sherri, Pennsylvania

“Thank you Kimmy for allowing me to post. I've been thinking about you lately and wanting another reading soon. For anyone wanting a reading by someone who is right on. It's a must with Kimmy. Wow, this past year every single thing you told me has been unfolding right in front of my eyes. Day by day every detail of what was going to happen has happened. I highly recommend for everyone to enjoy a reading with Kimmy. A year ago I remember you telling me my daughter would have an old beach friend come into her life & she would forget about all the past hurt boyfriends. You also said his name would start with a A. Well 8 months later Anthony "Nick" walks back into her life. A old beach friend from 6 years ago. He's still here 6 months later and going strong. I'm curious about the next events you said would happen & only time will tell. I'm calling you tomorrow for another reading. You are amazing Kimmy. You are a gift to anyone needing closure or help. See you soon......Angie” 

Angie, Fort Myers, FL

“The very first reading I ever had with Kim she told me I should look into teaching. I came home looked up some schools, filled out an application. Within 30 minutes I had a callback and an interview scheduled.” 

Lori, Florida

“I have had numerous readings by Kim and she hit everything right on.. even down to names. I remember one time she told me my mother in law was with her mom on the other side. I asked what her mothers name was and she said Anna or May...(i had no idea what my husband’s grandmas name was) when i got home i asked my husband what was his grandmas name and bingo...it was Anna and May was his moms middle name...(how can you get better than that?) I have a lot of these same stories... But not only does she help me with her readings, and classes (when I can make it) she is an even better friend. She is by far one of the nicest people I know!” 

Carolyn, Florida

“I had a reading with Kim and it was great! Can't wait to see how some things in the future come out, I'm sure spot on from experience. She had my husband to the T. Your so blessed to have this talent. It's always amazing!!” 

Nancy, Florida

“When you first meet Kimberly you know right from the get go there is something magical and special about her. I showed her a photograph of someone without saying a word and asked her if she could tell me something about it. Kim answered what I wanted to know without me even asking. Her Essences are amazing, please try the fairy and Anubis as they give you an enlightenment you won't believe. I had the opportunity to be in her presence for 8 days and saw what she did for so many people, myself included. She is a blessing to know and the real deal. Her gifts will truly amaze you and Kim's genuine love for what she does along with her care for each of her clients will make you happy that you went to her for guidance . Finally on top of everything Kim is an AMAZING human being !!” 

Joyce, Virginia

“Kim is an amazing spirit! She is so sweet and caring! Her potions and oils work wonders, and I will definitely be back for more  I highly recommend her as everything she does comes from her heart  .” 

Hadria, Florida

“Kim is a very kind soul and very gifted. She confirmed things for me and shined light on places that needed my attention. Thanks again Kim.” 

KT, Idaho

“I have had two separate readings and one guided mediation with Kim and it has been by far the most rewarding experience. She taught me to mediate correctly and I have learned alot about myself. I highly recommend and I myself will be a repeat customer over and over again.” 

Alyssa, Pennsylvania

“Kimberly is one awesome soul.  :)
She reunited me with my two girls Nelly and Noelle and I love them SO much! She's such a sweetheart and sent a special surprise for the girls trip to me. From the moment I met  Kimberly Alahverde Manners  it was such a blessing and she is full of so much love and peace.

I also bought 3 potions and 2 awesome surprise candles from her (love and happiness and merlin magick). Getting a few more lol. I appreciate everything you have done and all that I have received from you.” 

Shana’e, Indiana

“I had one visit (so far....) and I was delighted. I wish I could spend all day talking to the spirits and Kimberly. Thank you again. I really do appreciate your gift.” 


“Kimberly Alahverde Manners has taught wonderful & inspiring workshops at my former business. The students, and myself, adored her.” 

Susanna, Florida

“I completely agree with all the great comments! She is warm, understanding and extremely gifted. I learned so much in our half hour discussion about my pendulum!” 

Kathy, Pennsylvania

“I had the Spiritual Guide reading with Kimberly and it was truly a remarkable experience. Not only does she make you feel very relaxed and comfortable (I have to admit I was a little nervous about the facetime) she instantly put me at ease. This is a guided meditation and again, I was a little apprehensive about all kinds of things and I never had to worry since she is one of the best guides I've had the privilege to work with.

I was able to connect with someone that has come to mean the world to me and who I regularly meditate with now as well as that guide leading me to others who were waiting for me. For me, this was truly a life changing and eye opening session.

I also have two different ingestible potions from her that I absolutely love. They have helped with connecting to the Muses as well as Anubis to help me on my journey. Goddess knows I really needed some help with creativity  <3

If you have not purchased, don't hesitate at all. You will not only have a beautiful experience but you will also gain a friend.

I love you so much and thank you for all you've done “ 

Lisa, New Jersey

“I just want to say that Kim helped me so much after the deaths of both my brothers on seperate occasions. She helped me to get peace of mind. Months later I shared the experience with my mom and it helped her too. Thank you Kim! I love you too!!” 

Pam, Florida

“Kimberly Alahverde Manners is a strong intuitive reader that truly gets to the depth of the issues at hand. That along with her loving nature makes her a great asset to anyone that needs a reading. I recommend her highly. Love you Kimberly.” 

Christy, Ohio

“Kimberly Alahverde Manners is a part of my journey, supporting me & guiding me, through her intuitive readings. She shares her gift & I am grateful!” 

Nadina, New Jersey

“Kimberly Alahverde Manners has a true pure gift. She has guided myself and my family through some rough and fabulous times. I am so grateful for her years of guidance.” 

Amber, New Jersey

“I have had a reading and I have done a class with her..she has a wonderful gift!!!!She was a great teacher and she was right on with the reading I would encourage everyone to do a reading or a class with her...I loved mine and can't express that enough...try her and you will see what I'm talking about she is wonderful.” 

Karie, Washington

“I had an amazing read with Kimberly this week! Clarity was given, ,my mum is helping with the children's mess and mine from beyond and I am loved. Kimberly gave me reassurance on things I was insecure about, but reaffirming it is ok to be an imperfect human who makes mistakes!!! It was also nice to know I am not raving mad with the magickal things I know and can not explain!!!!! I will have another read with Kimberly in a few months per my mum to touch base on "growing spiritually right". Kim, mum said you would know that. I have hidden what I am from myself and Kimberly helped to replace that doubt, with a confidence I had hidden as well! I mean come on, I am a bad___ witch, with crazy skills!!! I am supposed to heal, I just did not realise the power I had to fully bring to maturity. I am humbled by you Kimberly and my gratitude for what you have shown me knows no boundries. Thank you and much love and blessings I send to you! Everyone else, you can pay a con artist to lie to you, or go to Kimberly and actually get what you need from those that are still here for you. Kimberly is also bad___!” 

Fawnn, Virginia

I only have three words to say...."Always top shelf" Or "Love ya Gal"Both fit. 


“I had the immense pleasure to have a fairy reading session with Kimberly and all I have to say is WOW! She was spot on with everything, she gives out many details, answers every single question you have and takes the time to ensure you understand every message she delivers. The reading was very useful for me, it made me think about a few things that needed it, and helped me make the right decisions on a few things I was having trouble with. 
In a nutshell, I would say that this reading AND Kimberly are both phenomenal! You should definitely get a reading from her, you won't regret it!!” 

Ninon, Belgium

“I had the opportunity to have a reading and also do an angel class with Kimberly. It was amazing! Kimberly told me to ask my angels out loud for what I would like, so I did. I asked for any gifts they were willing to send. My father won the Cheo lottery the next day; pretty amazing to me! Thank you, Kimberly.” 

Crystal, Canada

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